Early-stage startups seeking venture debt struggle despite investor brand recognition



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Apr 11, 2024

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Per Pitchbook: One year on from the Silicon Valley Bank crisis and the widespread disruption to the venture lending market, more lenders have moved upmarket. This has had knock-on effects on startups. Securing a debt facility is significantly more challenging for seed and early-stage founders, especially those building in industries like fintech and consumer tech that have seen valuations drop dramatically.

🥤 PomJuice’s Key Takeways

🕰️ Past

Historically, venture debt has been seen as a worthwhile option for startups that need additional capital, but want to maintain their current cap table to avoid additional dilution. Many companies have taken advantage of this option throughout the years to add some extra padding to their cash position soon after a priced equity round. Additionally, it often provided the only avenue for venture-backed startups to receive debt financing.

🔎 Present

One year and two bank runs later, the environment around venture debt has changed dramatically. Terms are much less favorable, with terms often making venture debt a completely untenable option for early-stage startups. In today’s market, it remains unclear if venture debt is a viable option for Pre-Series A startups, so investors should be pushing founders to rely less on debt and focus on building real revenue.

🔮 Future

SVB’s collapse left the venture debt market wide open; they went from a 50% market share pre-bank run, to just a 20% market share a year later. Some fintech startups, most notably Mercury, have jumped headfirst into filling the void left by SVB and First Republic. However, it remains to be seen who the clear winners will be, if there are any at all.

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Stage: PreSeed

💰 Fundraise: Active, raising $1M
📍 Location: San Francisco, CA

Reliabl is B2B AI infrastructure software that utilizes user insights to accurately annotate data at scale and build high-performing, legally compliant AI models for customers across industries - helping them to make better informed, less biased business decisions.

💡 Highlights:

  • Co-founding team of AI researchers, including a Stanford Post-Doc Fellow and a PHD AI researcher at UC San Diego.

  • Launching a DEI data transparency product in May 2024; allows GPs to meet diversity reporting requirements set by the recently passed Senate Bill No. 54

  • $100K in annual contracts signed with several VC firms and Accelerators as customers pre-launch

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Stage: PreSeed

💰 Fundraise: Active, raising $2M
📍 Location: Los Angeles, CA

Creatorland is a professional networking site for creatives (Linkedin 2.0) on a mission to empower content creators and creative professionals to showcase their talents, forge meaningful connections, and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

💡 Highlights:

  • Matching LinkedIn's 2023 session time and page visits with 42% net 30 day retention, 30% week 12, 7+ min. session per DAU, and 7 page views per session.

  • 30k users obtained with $0.17 CAC through email-based growth engine.

  • 1M+ emails sent per month with 96% open-rates and 7% CTR.

  • First monetization test resulted in $100k annual run-rate by day 7.

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Stage: Seed

💰 Fundraise: Active, raising $2M
📍 Location: Los Gatos, CA

Zemplee has created an aging-in-place solution, with a contrarian approach to investing and attending to the under-appreciated elderly population. Zemplee’s Attentive AI ® and passive sensors, deployed in elderly homes or living units of facilities, helps the elderly age in place gracefully.

💡 Highlights:

  • Scaled to $22K MRR since launch; working with partners like Kansas State Medicaid and Centerline Health Partners

  • Founder previously led analytics products at eBay, including their Global Behavior Data Platform

  • Program costs can be billed to Medicare; providing access to 65M+ Medicare patients nationwide

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